Our Story

by Montoya and Mateo


My name is Montoya. I am 6 weeks old and have already had an adventure of a lifetime. My human parents had planned a vacation at the end of the summer. My mom and dad decided they wanted more children whether the humans like it or not. We were due to come into the world 3 days before the vacation was to begin. Mateo and I decided we wanted to go and not be left behind with our human Grandma. We waited and waited. Our human  parents where frantic that we hadn't come into the world yet. They took mom to the vet to find out what would be best. They all decided since Grandma human knew nothing about helping mom give birth to us, that mom would have to go. So the humans packed mom a bag and off we all went. Mom, our human parents and their 3 human children.

We waited until they were 5 hours into the trip, so they wouldn't turn around and take us back. I was born first!! Shut up Mateo. I am telling the story. He was in such a hurry, he came out backwards and nearly killed mom. I did not. You did too. DID NOT! Anyways, I just popped right out because I came head first. We were born at mile marker 81, just outside of Amarillo, Texas, right in the front seat of our parents 2004 Dodge Truck. Human dad was freaking out about it staining his seats. So off we go again. Our first night we stayed in a Motel in Tucumcari, NM. The next morning we were off again. Just a little down the road human mom saw a sign, it said we where in Montoya, NM. Montoya, that is a beautiful name and since my moms name is Toyion, it was like it was meant to be. Hey, that's how I got my name too! I was getting to that Mateo. I should tell how I got my name. It is my name. Fine, go ahead. Ok, we got to Albuquerque, NM and human mom saw a sign for San Mateo Drive. She said that was an awesome name for me. So we became known as Mateo and Montoya. Hey, how come it's not Montoya and Mateo. Because I was born first Montoya. Ok, fine, now I get to tell the rest of the story.

We get into Arizona and go through a Hopi Indian reservation and we spend the night at a motel in Page, AR. There we met our human parents family. Another Mom and Dad and their 2 children, a boy and a girl. That was cool. We had 5 children and 4 adults fussing over us now. Mom didn't care where we went as long as she was with us and her humans. The next morning we left to get on the boat. The humans rented a houseboat for a week to take out on a lake called Powell. It was huge. It even went into two states, Arizona and Utah. That night we stayed on the houseboat on a beach in Utah. That was now the 4th state we had been to and we had never even seen our home in Oklahoma. I was getting to that Mateo. Let me tell the story. Why do you get to tell the story? Because it was my idea Mateo. Whatever. I'm going to finish it. So we spent 4 days on Lake Powell on the boat. Then we packed up and left for Oklahoma. We spent the night in Flagstaff, Arizona because the humans were tired. The next morning, we were off again. We got home safe and sound to the relief of the humans. Our dad was so glad to see us and mom. So we have grown up in the living room. Biting toes and chasing our older family members. The humans said we will be old enough to go on another adventure with a new human soon. They said we may even get to go to Europe. They said we will be very expensive though, because our brother is famous. Something about him being the Smallest Poodle in the World. We are looking forward to our new adventures. It gets kind of boring around here sometimes when you have been to 5 states in one week.

P.S. We travel well, we don't get car sick.